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Our Story

Almost 90% of Indian men don't bother seeking help unless they have a serious problem.


That’s absurd. We know there’s a better way. So we’re challenging outdated notions that real men don’t care about their appearance, health or well-being. 


By providing all the information, advice and tools you need, we’re here to be your personal guide, helping you become the best possible version of you.


What we believe 


The first step is to open up and talk - adon is a safe space where no issue is too embarrassing, no subject too taboo. Next up is embracing a holistic approach and avoiding quick fixes.


We’re no strangers to the challenges associated with ignoring your own well-being. We started adon because we’ve had these issues and made the mistake of suffering from them in silence… 


But we eventually realised it made no sense not to seek out help. These issues were causing us too much embarrassment, and even depression. And when we did reach out, we not only realised we weren’t alone, but that there were many more solutions out there than we realised. Now, not only do we feel better, happier and healthier, but we’re excited about taking on many of the same activities that previously caused us anxiety. 


Happier, healthier you? Let’s get started


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