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Personalised Hair Loss solutions for the Modern Man

Get hair loss treatment plans devised by medical experts with our scientific, convenient and affordable approach. Proven efficacy in over 90% Indian Men.

How it works? 
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1. Take self-assessment

Take our free diagnostic test and, if required, consult with one of our doctors online virtually, free of charge

2. Get tailored package of products

Get a personalised product package & schedule recommended for you, followed by free home delivery

3. Ongoing care

Send your assigned medical expert a message any time to discuss your progress and get continuous guidance and support

How it works
key benefits

Be Informed

Learn about your hair loss condition and the most effective FDA approved solutions to treat it

Personalised Solutions

Get solutions tailored to your current hairloss condition based on a detailed online assessment


Save on precious time by virtually consulting with doctors and getting curated product packages shipped to your doorstep


Take a self-assessment or chat with a doctor via text or video call. Products will be delivered in discreet packaging


All products are supported by trusted medical experts and backed by science

Why adon?

46% of Indian men between 21 to 35 years suffer from

Male Pattern Baldness 

Baldness cannot be cured, but can be prevented!

What our customers say...

"I started to see a lot of hair fall in the shower and on my pillow. Using adon’s minoxidil and gummies regularly actually helped solve the problem. Quite impressed!"

—  Pranav, Delhi

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